ZICAR Wood Wooden Woodworking Machine Membrane TM2480B-J

ZICAR Wood Wooden Woodworking Machine Membrane TM2480B-J

CZPT Wooden/CZPT/Woodworking CZPT Membrane TM2480B-J



one.CZPT’s procedure is computerized and PLC control,which is Delta CZPT manufacturer.
two.This machine  utilizes built-in motion electromotor which creates considerably less sound and seldom breaks down the movement of plate is sleek. 
three.Major electrical areas employed “Schneider”, “Delixi” CZPT manufacturer, other components are provided by CZPT domestic enterprises with very good top quality.
4.The heating method of the machine adopts 304 stainless metal heating tube of nationwide CZPT, overallaluminum for heat dissipation it can make sure even heating and vitality preserving. 
five.With vacuum pump with very good quality created in China, minimal sound, liberty from pollution and long-time service. 



Model  TM2480B-J
Exterior size 9800mm×1500 mm×1400mm
Functioning plate measurement 2550mm×1150/1300mm(INNNER Measurement)
Greatest plate size 50mm
Score working strain Nagative push ≥-.095Mpa
CZPT Electricity about 18kw
Real power consumption about 5kw
Fat 2. T
Leading temperature 180°

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ZICAR Wood Wooden Woodworking Machine Membrane TM2480B-J